Genel-İş is Celebrating 57 Years of Struggle in Trade Union Movement
-22 April 2019, Ankara-

Public Services Employees Union of Turkey (Genel-İş) was founded by Abdullah Baştürk and his comrades working in the various municipal services in İstanbul on April 22, 1962.
Since the day it was founded, Genel-İş as an independent class and mass organization, conscious of the fact that the economic, social, cultural rights and interests of the working class can be gained and developed in a democratic environment based on social, pluralist, participatory and emancipatory principles continues to struggle for the elimination of all kinds of oppression and exploitation.
Genel-İş considers protecting universal fundamental rights and freedoms, and developing, strengthening and full realisation of trade union rights and freedoms as its duties.
Genel-İş sees fighting against all forms of non-democratic practices as an important part of the labor struggle. That's why together with its members, Genel-İş stands against any kind of undemocratic attempt.
Genel-İş considers the struggle for human rights and peace as an honorary duty of its class. We want peace to rule over the world and inhumane practices come to an end. We do not discriminate between the races, sexes, religions, beliefs, sects, languages, ideas or ethnicity; we aim to live together in peace under the same roof in a free, equal and fraternal environment.
These basic principles that Genel-İş has aspired since the date of its establishment also determines our line of struggle.
In our 57th year, we will continue to work for a Turkey where there is more peace, democracy, social justice and continue to rebuild our lives through our labour struggle in solidarity with our sisters and brothers from all around the world.